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Contact the registrar:Dr. John O.L Registrar


    •     Gain global recognition with your CCFA designation
    •     Increases your earning potential with the CCFA designation
    •     Demonstrate leadership, Integrity Transparency and competency to your employers and clients with the CCFA designation
    •     Opportunity to be elected to any leadership position in AICFA
    •     Opportunity to represent AICFA and your country in the global forensic accounting roundtable discussions and brainstorming
    •     Consulting contract and or job referrals
    •     The right to use the designation CCFA against your name
    •     Career progression to a Ph.D., DBA or Ch.D.
    •     Opportunity to run a CCFA Accredited Tuition Centre or Prep Provider for the CCFA exams at no extra charges
    •     Access to the members’ only session of IICFA
    •     Free Forensic Accounting resources including but not limited to CPD courses, webinars, videos, etc
    •     Opportunity to be nominated for any of AICFA’s awards
    •     Opportunity to publish your articles in the Forensic Accounting Journal
    •     Opportunity to be elected to the AICFA hall of Fame
    •     Opportunity for your profile to appear in all AICFA’s media and publications.
    •     Opportunity to share your experiences on AICFA’s blog
    •     Gain practical skills transfer and career advice from experienced members
    •     Opportunity to participate in the Africa Forensic Accounting Debate
    •     Discount on all AICFA’s programs and products
    •     Practicing license for those who desire to enter public practice
    •     Recognition by various courts of competence jurisdictions as expert witnesses

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