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    abty10  Achieving Fellowship
    Fellow (FAICFA) is our highest grade of Membership and is awarded as a hallmark of professional standing and achievement in the financial profession. It is a recognition of achievements within the profession and a definition of your professional status, not merely a reward for service.

    The AICFA Fellow (FAICFA) is awarded to existing members who are in good standing. As a Fellow, you will be recognised for your contribution to the financial profession. The Institute encourages Members of at least two year standing to seek Fellowship status.

    Fellow is the AICFA senior grade of professional membership. In order to qualify for fellowship all applicants must have a minimum of two years experience in the field of accounting and be able to demonstrate leadership by encouraging others to achieve their common goals.

    Designatory Letters

    Use of the Associate membership designatory letters FAICFA.

    How to Apply

    The completed fellowship application should be returned to our administrative office via AICFA, FAX or mail.

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