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    Members of the Africa  Institute of Chartered Forensic Accountants are eligble to study for the Chartered Professional Internal Auditor (CPIA) designation. This designation is available only to internal auditors who have chosen to undergo a rigorous, intensive process of upgrading their skills



    and training. 

    About the Certificate

    The Certified Professional Internal Auditor - CPIA - is an online accredited course consisting of fourteen course units:

    •    Unit 1 Introduction To Internal Auditing
    •    Unit 2 Engagements For Internal Audit
    •    Unit 3 Statistical Sampling
    •    Unit 4 Generating Data
    •    Unit 5 Analytical Procedures
    •    Unit 6 Computerized Tools
    •    Unit 7 Risk Management
    •    Unit 8 Financial Audit Engagements
    •    Unit 9 Understanding Security and Privacy
    •    Unit 10 IT Engagements
    •    Unit 11 Audit and Assurance
    •    Unit 12 Internal Consulting
    •    Unit 13 Fraud Awareness
    •    Unit 14 Monitoring and Engagements

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be awarded an :
    •    IOLEN Certificate of Achievement from IOLEN Accreditation and
    •    Certified Professional Internal Auditor - CPIA - Certificate from ICFA

    Course Format
    The courses is divied into 14 units and is delivered through the RFP Learning interactive learning management system. Access to the learning portal is available 24/7.

    Course Duration:
    It is estimated that the course can be completed within 45 hours, but student's have the option to study the course in multiples sessions or finish all in one go.

    Students have access to this course for 12 months from the date of enrolment.

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